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The story goes, a grandfather, visiting his ailing granddaughter, at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, realized she was receiving excellent medical care. Yet this Kiwanian grandfather wanted more for his granddaughter. He was concerned his granddaughter’s educational needs were not being met.

From that hospital visit over ninety years ago, the Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation has
evolved to what it is today. Each year, through our Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation, we as
Michigan Kiwanians contribute just over $200,000 to support “non insurance reimbursable” activities promoting children’s recovery.

We no longer provide educational support, as local school districts now provide educational services. Our funding supports activities such as a Child and Family Life staff member meeting the family in the ER to begin to relieve anxieties brought on by visiting the ER. Maybe, it is a Child and Family Life staff member, taking care of siblings while a parent and child are in the ER. It could be Art Therapy. It might be as simple as a gas card so Mom or Dad can commute to and from the hospital.

Our support takes many forms, but it is all designed to ease the anxieties and speed recovery. And none of this would be possible without the support of Michigan District Kiwanians.

Anne Heier sums it up best. She says, “When a hospitalized child is able to get about the
business of being a child ... playing and learning, the mother and dad can relax, allowing the child the calm atmosphere needed to heal.”


Each Division in the Michigan District elects a trustee to represent their clubs on the Foundation Board of Trustees. Your trustee will reqularly visit your Club and bring updates about the Foundations. Please get to know your Trustee.

Office Name Email
President Paul Elsey pelsey@comcast.net
Vice President Michael Paugh pughmichael46@yahoo.com
Secretary Brian Crabtree brainc5@wowway.com
Treasurer Peggy McNichol peggy@atsassociates.biz
Trustee Division 1 Brian Crabtree brianc5@wowway.com
Trustee Division  3 Lori Stillwell lori2547@yahoo.com
Trustee Division 4 Don Killion kiwanis313@yahoo.com
Trustee Division 5 Paul Elsey pelsey@comcast.net
Trustee Division 7 Roger Palaganas gillyp13@gmail.com
Trustee Division 9 Ronald Hagen rhagen195050@gmail.com
Trustee Division 10 Jeff Lawther *Contact Paul Elsey
Trustee Division 11 Gary Sarratt gasurratt@tc3net.com
Trustee Division 12 Randy Burritt rcburritt@msn.com
Trustee Division13 Cark Popkey popkeyc13@gmail.com
Trustee Division 14 Gerald Schuur jerryjoyce1837@hotmail.com
Trustee Division 16 Margie Schleicher mschleicher@wowway.com
Trustee Division 17 Joyce Dixon joyceanne54@icloud.com
Trustee Division18 Chuck Kincaid chardine@frontier.com
Trustee Division 19 Tim Braun tbraun@saginawtownship.net
Trustee Division 20 Michael Pugh pughmichael46@yahoo.com
Trustee Division 21 Tom Talluto tomtalluto@gmail.com
Trustee Division 22 Richard Luther * Contact Paul Elsey



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History of the Foundation
Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation Flyer



The Kiwanis of Michigan has many awards that provide members both the opportunity to acknowledge another Kiwanian's generous service to the community, as well as, help fund the work of our Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation. The Foundation Trustees would encourage you to reward you Club Members with a Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation Award!

• The Frank O. Staiger Distinguished Award for a gift of $ 1000ºº. download here
This is the highest award presented by the Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation. This gift can be presented by a Kiwanis club or Kiwanis group to honor any other Kiwanis member. The recipient of the award must be recommended by at least 10 Kiwanis members with an article explaining his or her achievements in Kiwanis. This write up with a photograph (5X7) is placed in the book of honor. The book is on permanent display in the District Office. The recipient also receives a personal plaque and tie tac/lapel pin. Funds earned by this award are placed in the Foundations Endowment Fund. The interest and dividends earn from this gift will help fund our foundation forever! 


Frank O. Staiger was an exceptional District Secretary for 26 years prior to 1960. He was instrumental in helping make the organization what it is today. The Foundation honored him with this tribute for all his contributions to Kiwanis and the Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation.



• The J. Douglas Alexander Award for a gift of $750ºº.
The recipient can be recognized by a club, an individual or one can purchase this award themselves. The award can be given to those who are not Kiwanis members. The recipient will receive a plaque and a medallion for the gift. A brass plate will be placed on the permanent plaque in the District office. The purchaser of this chooses between having their contribution placed in the Foundation’s endowment fund or placing in the Foundation’s operational account.

This award was created to honor another Past District Secretary of 16 years who was very instrumental in expanding the goals of the District and The Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation even further.

• The Diamond Level J. Douglas Alexander Award for a gift of $750ºº.
This award is only able to be given to or purchased by the recipient original J. Douglas Alexander Award as the next step of the award. This enables one to further recognize someone for additional contributions to Kiwanis and children.

• The Tablet of Honor for a gift of $500ºº.
This award is available to anyone including non Kiwanis members that could be recognized with a plaque. This award also has a brass plate with the recipient name on a permanent display at the District office.

This award was created to enable Kiwanians to recognize members of their club, spouses, and acquaintances for high level services to the local community, District or Internationally. Money from this award goes to the Foundation’s operational account.

• The Pacesetter Award For a gift of $250.00.
This award was created to let a person be recognized by a club for their efforts toward Kiwanis. The award can also be purchased by an Individual. The amount of $250.00 is given to the Foundation. The award is an engraved plaque with the recipient’s name on it and spaces are provided at the bottom where small brass plates can be affixed for each and every year that $250.00 is donated for this person. The plates are provided by the Foundation after each donation. This award makes it possible for everyone to assist the Foundation to serve the children. Money from this award goes to
the Foundation’s operational account.



Note: Money contributed to the Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation through the purchase of an award does not count toward your Club’s requested $45ºº/member contribution requested annual gift by the Foundation.