2017 Michigan District Convention

September 7-10, 2017

Crystal Mountain Thompsonville, Michigan


Thanks to all who attended our 100th District Convention.  Crystal Mountain was a great setting and host for us.  Here are results from the House of Delegates on

Saturday, September 9

Elected Governor-Marian O'Higgins      Detroit #1 Kiwanis Club

Elected Governor-Elect  Larry Memmer      Kiwanis Club of Chelsea

Passed: District Dues increase of $6.00 per member.  

$4.00 of this is earmarked for the Service Leadership Fund and $2.00 of this goes to the General District Budget to offset deficits due to decreased district membership.

The $4.00 can come from a club's adminstrative or service account.

The $4.00 is put directly in the Service Leadership Fund account which is a restricted account and monies from that account can only be used for Service Leadership items.

This replaces the previous $5.00 and $3.00 per member contributions.

5 Resolutions were passed.  You can view them below:

Memorial Resolution for Past Governor Gilbert Zitzelsberger: Click Here

Appreciation Resolution:                                                                           Click Here

Resolution in Support of the 2017-18 District Goals:                    Click Here

Resolution in Support of the Michigan Foundation:                     Click Here

Memorial Resolution for Past Governor Charles Nagy:                Click Here

District Financials Presented at the House of Delegates:             Click Here