Michigan District of Key Club


Message from the District Governor:

Charvi Chhatwal - St. Joseph High School

My name is Charvi Chhatwal and I get the wonderful opportunity to serve as the 2017-18 Michigan District Governor. When I joined Key Club, I never realized what a big family I was becoming a part of. As I attended more service projects and more conventions, I began to realize that Key Club gave me something I unknowingly couldn’t live without: a good dose of empathy. To me, service means being part of something bigger. When it rains, it pours, and I found that with community service and leadership, I got so much more from the experience than what I put in.


A turning point for me was when I attended a Kiwanis convention two years ago.

As Kiwanis Family Relations Chair, I was amazed to see all the initiatives Kiwanians were taking to help Key Club. Now at Key Club conventions, I say with extreme honor that I am from the district where Kiwanis was born. Where all the Kiwanis adults are willing to not only support us, but to serve with us.


My goal is to continue increasing Kiwanis Family Relations and allow every Key Club member to see what a wonderful family we have. Please come to our Fall Rally and SLC to show them this. Thank you!



Yours in Service,

Charvi Chhatwal 

2017-2018 Michigan District Governor

Cell: (269) 408-6386


The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.





Message from Key Club District Administrator:

Bryan Crenshaw

Kiwanis Club of  South Lansing


Thank you for stopping by and checking out the Michigan District of Key Club International's page on the Michigan District of Kiwanis website!

My name is Bryan L. Crenshaw and I have the privilege and honor of serving as District Administrator of this GREAT organization. I say it is great because many years ago, I had the opportunity to join my high school Key Club and went on to serve as a Lt. Governor for my division. It is here where I had many opportunities to develop my leadership skills and build character through service, and develop my love for Kiwanis International.

As District Administrator, I am appointed by the Michigan District of Kiwanis Governor to lead a team of adults working with members of our student elected District Board. This Board has a Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, Bulletin Editor, 15 Lt. Governors for each division, and 5 committee chairs. My team includes myself, an Assistant Administrator in charge of our finances, an Associate Assistant Administrator responsible for meetings and conferences and 5 Zone Advisors, who work with a team of Lt. Governors. In this role, I also serve as a liaison for all of the Faculty/Kiwanis Advisors in the District.

As I am here to work with our student elected board, I am also here to work with Kiwanis Clubs that are interested in starting a Key Club at the local high school, or possibly a community based Key Club, which would be open to any 9th -12th grade student in your community. The community based Key Club model is new to our organization, and gives opportunities to Kiwanis Clubs to engage high school students who cannot start Key Clubs in their traditional high school. If you want more information on starting a Key Club, please feel free to contact me at administrator@mikeyclub.org or 517-256-6573.