Kids Coalition Against Hunger Partnership


What is Kids Coalition Against Hunger?

Every hour of every day 10 children per minute die of starvation of hunger-related diseases.  Kids Coalition Against Hunger is a 501 c 3 humanitarian relief organization whose mission is to significantly reduce the number of hungry children in the USA and feed starving children throughout the world.

Kids Coalition Against Hunger packages and ships highly nutritious, life-saving meals to starving children in developing countries and the United States.  They can do this with the help, energy and caring of American children, teens and adults.

Kids Coalition Against Hunger is located in Oak Park, MI.  They work with organizations seeking long term solutions to the systemic causes of hunger.  Their aim is to provide a nutritious meal from which the recipients can move their families from starvation to self-sufficiency.

The Michigan District of Kiwanis has been an advocate of this project since 2004.  This partnership with KCAH has helped to produce over 21 million meals for children and their families in more than 23 countries, the U.S. and in Michigan through the efforts of over 200,000 volunteers.

Check out the latest news at Kids Coalition Against Hunger.  Contact Mike Burwell at 800-269-0956 to schedule a food packaging.




Food Packaging at the 2015 District Convention Truly a Kiwanis Family Event!